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порно жесткий се... 投稿者:Altonwag 投稿日:2024/07/14(Sun) 03:58 No.756859 ホームページ   
Tributes flood in for BBC sport commentator whose wife and daughters were killed in suspected crossbow attack
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Figures from across the United Kingdom have offered their condolences to a BBC sport commentator, after his wife and two daughters were killed by an alleged crossbow attacker, in deaths that again drew attention to the epidemic of violence against women.

Carol Hunt, 61, wife of BBC horse racing commentator, John Hunt, and their daughters, Hannah Hunt, 28, and Louise Hunt, 25, died from injuries sustained in an attack in Bushey, just northwest of London, on Tuesday, according to police and Britain’s public broadcaster.

A 26-year-old suspect wanted in connection with the killings, and named as Kyle Clifford, was found by British police in Enfield, north London, on Wednesday, following a sprawling manhunt. There were no previous reports to the force over Clifford, who is in serious condition in hospital and is yet to speak with officers, Hertfordshire Police said in a statement.

A crossbow was recovered as part of the investigation, which police believe was used in a “targeted incident.”
Epidemic of violence against women
The killings of the three women rocked Britain, where mass murders are infrequent but violence against women and girls has been officially labeled as a national threat.

A woman is killed by a man every three days in the UK and one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, the United Nations’ special rapporteur on violence against women and girls, Reem Alsalem, said earlier this year.

Charities and human rights organizations have subsequently reiterated urgent demands to tackle femicide in the UK.

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управляющая ком... 投稿者:topsamaraIrrandy 投稿日:2024/07/14(Sun) 03:28 No.756857 ホームページ   
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